Working design

Working design is a set of working drawings and text documents developed in accordance with state norms, rules and standards, containing necessary information about construction facility and serves as a basis for construction and installation work.

Working design is based on architectural-planning solutions of schematic design, refined and supplemented by architectural and structural drawings and calculations.

In addition to architectural-structural solutions, design includes engineering solutions for heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, power supply, low-current networks, engineering preparation of construction site, internal and external on-site networks. Optionally, sections for gas supply, security and fire alarms, etc. are developed.

Working design contains specifications (quantitative and qualitative list of materials and products) for all design sections allowing to draw up a construction cost-estimate.

  • General explanatory note
  • General plan
  • Architectural-construction part
  • Information about engineering networks and equipment (power supply and communication systems, water supply and sewerage systems, heating and ventilation systems, gas supply systems)
  • Technological solutions
  • Action plan for environmental protection, fire safety, provision for disabled people living conditions ensuring compliance with energy efficiency requirements
  • Construction management project
  • Cost-estimate documentation
  • Other documentation, if stipulated by law.

Composition and content of working design are specified in design assignment, depending on specifics of type of construction and purpose of facility.

Working documentation is signed by responsible executors, coordinated with relevant state authorities and undergoes design examination.

DNT Company conducts a full range of works on detailed design of facilities for all objects of new construction and also for reconstruction, modernization and re-equipment of buildings and structures.

Company develops all design sections in-house guaranteeing coherence of work of related departments and significantly increasing quality and speed of work.

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