Schematic design

Schematic design (SD) is the basis for further development of detailed design and  necessary document for design approvals in government organizations.

Materials are collected at this stage to realistically evaluate a design and formulate exact requirements for further design, which is, together with precisely developed design assignment, used to develop specific sections, facades, options for color and volumetric solutions, visualization of architectural appearance, etc.

DNT Design Company specialists carefully work out every detail, presenting the best design solutions that combine aesthetics and all necessary functionality.

Жилой комплекс в г.Караганда, Концептуальный проект, Эскизный проект
Индивидуальный жилой дом в г.Алматы, эскизный проект, рабочий проект

Schematic design is issued in the form of an album with a prototype of future facility, color schemes of buildings, their shape, facades, architectural style, decorative elements, set and area of premises, main building materials.

  • general explanatory note (text part of design contains description of characteristics and functional purpose of facility, technical and economic indicators);
  • facades, floor plans, sections;
  • calculations of engineering loads;
  • general layout plan (layout of facility and adjacent structures are selected considering fire safety requirements, sanitary standards, environmental protection measures. Building elements shall be correctly located towards cardinal points, the selected solution compared with surrounding landscape and layout of existing communications networks, transport and pedestrian accessibility take considered, correct insolation of building ensured).

Schematic design shall be approved by customer and coordinated with Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

DNT Company develops schematic designs for buildings of various purposes:
  • residential buildings (apartment buildings and residential complexes, housing estates);
  • administrative and public buildings (kindergartens, schools, theaters, etc.);
  • commercial buildings (business centers, shopping and entertainment centers, shops, restaurants, etc.)
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