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The DNT Company has been providing civil design works since 2005 and has the Civil Design License of I category. During 16 years of development the Company has become one of the largest design organizations in Kazakhstan.

We have designed over 4 million sq. m. in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana). The Company has successfully created projects in civil, administrative and industrial construction.

We provide full range of services for design and support of projects for new construction as well as projects for reconstruction, modernization and re-equipment of buildings and facilities.

Modern 3D Visualization Studio and Interior Design Studio have been successfully operating since 2017 on the basis of the Design Company.

We have developed and implemented a fundamentally new approach to development of projects for buildings and facilities. Briefly we call it the “one stop-shop principle” which allows us to unite experienced architects and talented 3D designers in one team who produce a realistic image of architectural forms with informational and artistic value.


Residential buildings:
  • detached house
  • housing communities
  • residential and high-rise apartment buildings  and complexes (RC)
  • hotels
  • dormitories
Bank in Turkestan
Public buildings:
  • administrative buildings, offices and business centers (BC)
  • kindergartens, schools
  • theaters, cinemas, cultural centers
  • sports facilities
  • malls, shops, supermarkets
  • cafes, restaurants, canteens
  • car service stations (ST)
  • hospitals and clinics
Industrial and agricultural buildings and facilities:
  • factories and plants, production workshops
  • boiler rooms, transformer substations (TS) and power distribution points (DP)
  • farms
  • greenhouses, vegetable storages
  • warehouses
  • repair shops


The Company develops all stages and sections of project in-house guaranteeing the coherence of work of related departments and significantly increasing the quality and speed of work.

Stages of design:
  • Development of general concept (conceptual architectural solutions)
  • Development of schematic design (SD)
  • Development of working design(WD)
  • On-site and external networks design
  • Development of land improvement and landscaping design
  • Technical support of project
  • Construction design supervision
Mirzo Ulugbek
Design sections:
  • Architectural section (АS)
  • Structural section, including calculation of building structures in the STRAP and LIRA software
  • Water supply and sewerage (WSS)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), including Jet-ventilation
  • Electrical section
  • Low-current system
  • Сost estimating documents


3D Visualization Studio is equipped with the most modern technical equipment and advanced software. High professionalism of our architects-visualizers allows us to model any facility and render the exterior and interior in any style (be it baroque, classicism, modern, eclecticism, functionalism, constructivism, art deco, etc.) and any complexity.

Interior design of an apartment in Almaty
Studio creates:
  • Design and visualization of building facades (exterior)  
  • Landscaping and its visualization (land improvement and landscaping)
  • Interior design of residential and public spaces (3D visualization and working drawings)
  • Advertising materials for designed objects (3d-visualization of objects, videos, 360° panorama)
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