STRAP – one of the most comprehensive and versatile building design software systems on the CAD market today.

Covering the entire design process, from calculation to production of drawings and specifications, STRAP offers an engineer a powerful yet affordable design tool for a wide range of reinforced concrete and steel structures, including buildings, bridges, covers, tanks and towers.

Despite its significant set of features, this easy-to-use modular system is equally well suited for both large and small projects.

Designed specifically to address the practical needs of industrial and civil designers, STRAP has many powerful tools that speed and simplify data entry and interpretation of results.

Performing calculations of building structures in the STRAP program allows you to achieve a significant reduction in  consumption of re-bars (up to 30%) in wall elements of frame.

Using a powerful sub-model tool, an engineer can very quickly assemble a complex model (multi-story building) from basic sub-models (such as floors). Advanced mesh generator allows the user to subdivide a freeform surface into finite elements in one step. For example, a STRAP user can extract a model from a typical structures library and quickly add to it by defining just a few parameters.


STEEL – Design of hot-rolled, cold-formed sections and joints.

BRIDGE – Generation of critical loads and influence lines.

CONCRETE – Design and structuring of beams, columns, walls and floors.

POST-STRESS  of beams and slabs.

DNT Design Company is the official supplier of STRAP software in Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia.

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