Technical support of project

Company offers services at the longest and most bureaucratic stage of any project – collecting the necessary initial permits and obtaining approvals from relevant authorities and organizations, such as: Sanitary and Epidemiological Agency (SES), Emergency Department, water supply and sewerage company, power supplier, Kazakhtelecom, Architecture Department, Land Committee, etc.

  • topographic survey of site,
  • engineering and geological surveys,
  • conclusion of SES and Emergency Department,
  • Urban planning regulations,
  • technical specifications for engineering support,
  • technical specifications from KAZNIISSA (Kazakh Scientific Research and Design Experimental Institute of Earthquake Resistant Construction and Architecture),
  • architectural – planning assignment,
  • conclusion of the Urban Planning Council, conclusion of the of Architecture and Urban Planning Administration,
  • conclusion on ecology,
  • conclusion of the project examination,
  • construction permit.
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