Designer supervision

Designer supervision – a set of measures to ensure compliance of architectural, stylistic, technological, construction, engineering and other technical solutions of facility being put into operation with indicators set in design documentation approved by customer.

Designer supervision is conducted for the entire construction period – from the beginning of construction work to the commissioning and acceptance of completed objects.

Designer supervision allows controlling construction process and ensuring that the final result exactly matches the project, and also helps to timely resolve current issues that inevitably arise for customer and construction contractor.

Main document serving as basis for supervision of construction or reconstruction of facility is Agreement for designer supervision between a design customer (individual or legal entity) and design company.

To conduct design supervision, specialists responsible for its implementation go to a facility under construction or reconstruction as per schedule of design supervision or upon request of customer or construction contractor to check the quality of performed construction and installation work, check compliance with process technology, to resolve emerging questions or clarify details arising during construction process.

Designer Supervision Log is continuously maintained during supervision recording all information and comments on site work conducted

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