Calculation of building structures

Calculation of building structures is the most important stage in design of buildings and facilities and affects the consumption of building materials and further safety of buildings. When calculating building structures, our specialists pay attention to each unit, choose the most reliable and economical way to reinforce building structures. Based on many years of experience, DNT specialists can offer economical structural schemes that ensure the required building rigidity and measured column spacing, both in reinforced concrete structures and in steel.

DNT Company specialists have extensive experience and know all the nuances of obtaining special technical conditions (STU) in KazNIISA for unique, technically and technologically complex buildings. Our specialists calculate building structures in the LIRA and STRAP software complexes.

Lately Kazakhstan moved to calculations in the STRAP program and to Eurocodes in the form of a national application. As experience has shown, by using the Eurocodes and STRAP, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in consumption of re-bars (up to 30%) in wall elements of frames.

Our design engineers guarantee high accuracy of design calculations, safety of buildings and structures and cost-cutting for any developer during construction.

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